• Personalized Health

    Personal variations are important factors in medical products selection; one size doesn’t fit all, differences in age, gender, and medical history impact the selection of suitable product and appropriate usage. Weather you order products for yourself or for any of your family member, or even for general usage, Healthatec platform enables you to determine the user of every product in the order.

  • Medical Dimension

    Not like other consumer products “Medical products” have special nature as it have a direct effect on health, so relevant attributes should be considered during online shopping. We developed a carefully crafted shopping experience that fit with this purpose.

  • Medical Dimension

    carefully crafted shopping experience that fit with the special nature of medical products considering all attributes that impact health

  • Personalized Health

    Cart support selection of user or multiple users for every item on the order to personalize the product usage and build relevant medication profile for every family member.

  • Safety & Control

    Safe & Secure source of medical products as orders only fulfilled from licensed pharmacies present on the platform which are viewable to customers who control and select which pharmacy to direct their orders to.

  • Transparency & Trust

    - Orders handled only by pharmacists
    - Pharmacist reviews the medication dose or writes it.
    -Instant reply from the pharmacist about the requested products.
    -Access to pharmacy details including rating and reviews.

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